Top Quality Meets Low Price

Extend A Step, LLC prides our business on two things: top quality and low price. While other guys may charge more, we simply deliver more for less. I'll pit our 12.5 telescoping ladder against any in the marketplace and wow you every time.

Our low price is summed up in two words: low overhead. We manufacture the Extend A Step under a private license with our exclusive manufacturing partner. We fulfill from 3 centers across the US to keep shipping both fast and affordable, and we sell just 1 product – the 12.5 foot Extend A Step telescoping ladder. This single product model allows us to streamline order fulfillment, shipping and processing and offer the best price on that single SKU – canvas bag and shipping including with every order.

As you may imagine, utmost attention to detail is put in to the manufacture of our single product. I personally welcome your calls with any questions that you may have to 1-888-535-STEP (7837) and thank you in advance for your business.

Aaron R.President
Extend A Step, LLC