• Features:

    Affordable - The Extend A Step telescoping ladder provides top notch quality at a price you can afford.

    Easy - Simply pull up to extend the ladder to the height you need. Slide button release tabs allow you to quickly stow your ladder when the job is done.

    Compact - The Extend A Step telescoping ladder weighs about 25 pounds and is only 30 inches when collapsed and stowed.

    Practical - Great for apartments, condos, jobs around the house and serious contractors alike, The Extend A Step telescoping ladder can easily fit in the back seat of your car, trunk, in a closet or under a bed

  • Top Notch Design:

    • Angled thumb release mechanism to ensure proper position when stowing
    • Non-slip end caps
    • Integrated carry handle
    • Heavy duty closure strap
    • Aircraft quality aluminum - tough, but lightweight
    • Weighs about 25 lbs
    • About 30 inches when stowed
    • Rated for UP to 330 pounds!
  • Technical Specification:

    Model Number: 38M
    Maximum / Stowed Height: 12.5 ft / 2.5 ft
    Total Weight 26.5 lbs
    Packing Dimensions: 33 x 22 x 4.5 inches
    Step Distance: 11.5 inches
    Aluminum Grade: 1.5 mm thickness, 100% new
    aircraft grade aluminum